Stay Safe in Croatia


Run away from the crowds and the everyday hassle and stress and rest overlooking the river Kupa, in the beautiful serene nature.

Rock river Kupa resort consist of 3 houses odmor („River house Proud Mary“, „House of the rising sun“, „Hotel California“) and it is just 10 mins away from Karlovac and 30 mins from Zagreb, it’s surrounded by woods and the river. The easiest way to get there is on the Zagreb/ Rijeka highway, exit “Novigrad na Dobri”, and we are only 5 km away.

Situated in the opening of Gorski Kotar, Rock river Kupa resort is ideal for relaxation and enjoying the pristine nature whilst overlooking the river Kupa that runs in front of the house. The river runs through a canyon there and you’ll enjoy some spectacular views.

Spend your precious time in a peaceful oasis where you’ll enjoy the natural cool and get a good night’s sleep even during hot summer nights.



Dvorac Novigrad – 6,5 km;

Karlovac – 15 km;

Stari grad Dubovac – 15,3 km

Natural Park Žumberak - 45 km

Zagreb – 50 km

Natural Park Medvednica - 75 km

National Park Baraćeve špilje (caves) -79 km

National Park Plitvice Lakes - 84 km

National Park Risnjak - 110 km



You can swim in the crystal clear river Kupa from May to October, enjoy rowing a boat or a SUP. The river temperature is comfortably warm in the summer and can get up to 28C, it’s flow is calm here because it’s between two waterfalls.

If you want an active holiday, there is loads of space for walking and running, as well as marked cycling paths. If you’re into mushrooms and can tell which are edible ones, there are usually loads of them to pick In spring and autumn.

In the winter you can enjoy walking and playing in the snow and then get warm inside, sit back and enjoy the view while it’s snowing outside.